Sample Articles

These are samples over time, not simply the latest to be published.

“Cathy Ochs Practices Integrative Medicine Partnership With Patients”
– AAPA profile of an outspoken physician assistant, advocate for practice ownership.

“Men, Women, and Sleep” (a slideshow)
– Web writing for the National Sleep Foundation on … men, women, sleep.

Migraines: How One Woman Beat Them; How You Can Find Help, Too
– This Washingtonian health article brought 57 responses by email and mail.

“Merry Crisis and Happy Blue Year”
– Washington City Paper cover story on lives saved and lost at Crisislink hotline.

“In One D.C. TV Station, a Service Dog Helps Bring Disability Stories Into Focus”
– Poynter feature on one reporter’s mission for wounded veterans.

“Teaching Kids to Care”
Arlington Magazine cover story on teens, volunteering, and life lessons.

“Do’s and Don’ts for Career Changers Considering Community Colleges”
– advice from deans at four community colleges nationwide.

“Fresh Start”
Washingtonian article on career changes and college programs for them.

“Community Colleges Power Up Video Game Programs”
– An array of jobs awaits grads who major in design, animation, or programming.

“Energizer Man: Jeff Oody, National Community Banker of the Year”
– Cover profile of a man who made his bank a catalyst for community change.

“Tapping Into New Markets”
– NAIS blog post on school recruiting from homeschooled populations.

Modern Luxury: An “Adult Treehouse” in Washington, DC
– In home design, a modern masterpiece for an active family.

“Fifty Years From Now, People Will Still Say This Is Contemporary”
– Think a condo can’t be luxurious? Think again.

“20 Questions and Answers About Cohousing”
– AARP: Private homes with common spaces can be supportive and affordable.

“Metals Theft: Is This Billion-Dollar Crime on Your Radar?”
– Sheriff article ghostwritten for two former law-enforcement officers.

At ClimbZone USA, Climb Masterpieces, Not Mountains
– Family fitness/travel in the Washington Post Express.

“Montgomery County Also Has Poverty”
– Detailed, ghostwritten Annapolis Capital op-ed on a “rich” municipality.

“Celebrate – Don’t Ban – Books”
Washington Post op-ed on books challenged nationally and locally.


Independent Banker: 28-page special lending focus, Indie Banker, Portfolio Management, Payments Exchange
– I helped plan this lending section, commissioned it, edited most of it, and did all roundtable interviews. See page 1 for the ToC.

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