Sample Articles

These are samples over time, not simply the latest to be published.

“Cathy Ochs Practices Integrative Medicine Partnership With Patients”
– AAPA: Profile of an outspoken physician assistant, advocate for practice ownership.

“Do’s and Don’ts for Career Changers Considering Community Colleges”
– advice from deans at four community colleges nationwide.

“Fresh Start”
Washingtonian article on career changes and college programs for them.

“Community Colleges Power Up Video Game Programs”
– An array of jobs awaits grads who major in design, animation, or programming.

“Energizer Man: Jeff Oody, National Community Banker of the Year”
– Cover profile of a man who made his bank a catalyst for community change.

“Tapping Into New Markets”
– NAIS blog post on school recruiting from homeschooled populations.

Modern Luxury: An “Adult Treehouse” in Washington, DC
– In home design, a modern masterpiece for an active family.

“Fifty Years From Now, People Will Still Say This Is Contemporary”
– Think a condo can’t be luxurious? Think again.

“20 Questions and Answers About Cohousing”
– AARP: Private homes with common spaces can be supportive and affordable.

“Men, Women, and Sleep” (a slideshow)
– Web writing for the National Sleep Foundation on … men, women, sleep.

Migraines: How One Woman Beat Them; How You Can Find Help, Too
– This Washingtonian health article brought 57 responses by email and mail.

“Merry Crisis and Happy Blue Year”
– Washington City Paper cover story on lives saved and lost at Crisislink hotline.

“Metals Theft: Is This Billion-Dollar Crime on Your Radar?”
– Sheriff article ghostwritten for two former law-enforcement officers.

At ClimbZone USA, Climb Masterpieces, Not Mountains
– Family fitness/travel in the Washington Post Express.

“Montgomery County Also Has Poverty”
– Detailed, ghostwritten Annapolis Capital op-ed on a “rich” municipality.

“Celebrate – Don’t Ban – Books”
Washington Post op-ed on books challenged nationally and locally.


Independent Banker: 28-page special lending focus, Indie Banker, Portfolio Management, Payments Exchange
– I helped plan this lending section, commissioned it, edited most of it, and did all roundtable interviews. See page 1 for the ToC.


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