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Internet speed

September 9, 2011

I’ve heard that e-book publishing is fast, but this fast?

A potential client asked about my work in books, so I was looking up details on those I’ve worked on, including the tsunami one for Foreign Policy. That was a rush job, but I’m astonished now to see how much of a rush: Less than three days after I turned in my part of it, the publishers sent an announcement that the book was available for download.

So tens of thousands of words were commissioned, collected, and sent from little islands in the Pacific, in some cases translated from Japanese, run through the folks at FP, and sent to me and, presumably, other people (designers, editors, digital experts). I consulted my colleagues and Chicago day and night and sent the words back. I never saw any of these people, and it’s possible, theoretically, that no one else did, either. And just over 2-1/2 days later, the whole world, theoretically, can read what we’ve produced.

Haste makes waste, as Mr. Franklin said, but I’m pretty impressed.

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Five days in Japan, sort of

June 22, 2011

Just finished copyediting a book of essays, tentatively titled Tsunami, to be published for the Kindle by Foreign Policy and the Japan Society. Lots of political and nuclear references. One lesson: Never position your cooling equipment between your nuclear reactors and the incoming sea. Oops.


Copyright 2011 Ellen M. Ryan. All rights reserved.