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A new stage in journalism

December 2, 2011

Tomorrow my new story was published in the Washington Post. No, wait – on Saturday, my Wednesday story will debut in the Washington Post. No, wait – on Wednesday, Saturday’s story ran in (on) the Washington Post.

This multiplatform journalism is so confusing.

Put it this way: Wednesday, the real-estate editor sent me a link to my first story for her, which had just been posted online. The story, about staging one’s home for better sale, is scheduled to appear in tomorrow’s print edition. (Why the Post keeps undercutting its own material, from features to op-eds to Toles cartoons, by running it online days ahead of time is a mystery. Won’t people continue to drop their subscriptions when their weekend papers are filled with material they’ve already seen online?)

This story is my first direct experience with what I described in the Express article about the NPR producer who puts together slideshows, video interviews, interactive maps, and so on. The editor wanted not only a reported article but a gallery of before-and-after photos and a video of one of my stagers discussing what she does and then doing it over a period of hours (speeded up, with a crew involved – pretty cool effect). I collected the photos from all over, many more than were actually used; discussed options for houses we might use for the video; and arranged for the chosen stager and the Post people to converge to make it all happen.

With this article, I’ve now appeared in at least six sections of the Post: Style, Travel, Food, Sunday Source, the Magazine, and now Real Estate. (Weekend, too, though not sure that counts because Escapes is there only after migrating from its former home in the Style section. And five years of my column in Express, of course.)

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