LaptopHi – I’m Ellen Ryan, an award-winning writer/editor specializing in profiles, Q&As, and case studies; career change and higher education; nonprofits; and grammatical near-perfectionism. (Nobody’s perfect.)

For good material, I’ve sought sources on Greek islands, in Texas scrapyards, on needle-strewn mean streets, and behind the swinging doors of hospital emergency rooms. So you know I’ll go far to do right by you.

Marketing/custom content: Whether you want a case study, a news release, a speech, a white paper, or client profiles for your website or annual report, political issues can make it a delicate task. I’ll listen to your concerns, ask questions, and deliver content that meets your needs.

Interviewing/features: Maybe you need someone to interview your CEO – someone professional enough to win his or her trust, independent enough to get new or edgy material, and sensitive enough to use it while putting everyone in the best light possible. Ask an ASJA member who’s written hundreds of articles (about half of them profiles and Q&As), capturing the joy, pain, and promise of what makes everyday life extraordinary.

Writing/editing: Need a proposal, annual report, or white paper copyedited, a book proofread? Let’s talk. My clients include law firms, colleges, associations, hospitals, publishers, and other businesses.

For details on any of these areas, please click on one of those pages at top right. Then call or email me (that’s a direct link up there; no spam ever), and let’s talk about your project.

Image: Gregory Szarkiewicz / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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